1. Musical Practice on Monday Nov. 24

    There will be musical practice on Monday November 24th starting at 3:30pm. If everyone is there on time and ready to go, we will make sure to be finished in time to have a sufficient break for those needing to attend basketball tryouts.

    Ms. Briant
  2. Attention Musical Cast!!

    Please note that this Sunday's (nov.23) practice has changed time and location. We will be rehearsing at EMBM from 12:30-5:30. Please make every effort to be there, even if you can't be present for the full 5 hours. 

    Ms. Briant
  3. Senior Girls Basketball

    There will be a short organizational meeting for anyone interested in playing Senior Girls Basketball, Friday at 11:45 in Room 217 (Miss Clemens room)

    Tryouts begin Monday at 5:30 and Wednesday at 5:30

    Mr. Yockey
  4. Senior Boys Basketball Tryouts

    There will be a short meeting in the music room across form the office Friday at noon hour to discuss expectations for tryouts that begin next week:

    Two days for tryouts:

    First tryout is Monday, Nov. 24th at 7:30 pm

    Second in Tuesday, Nov. 25th at 5:30 pm

    Gym clothes or shorts required.  Both practices must be attended.


    Mr. Loeppky
  5. JPII Curling

    Due to there being no school, there will not be curling on Monday, November 24.

    Ms. Thompson
  6. Calling all Star Wars and Jud/Karate people

    The musical needs to borrow a Judo or karate  Gui and a Yoda costume &  Star Wars items of any type!!!

    If you can borrow please see Mrs.Stynsky asap!!!

    Ms. Stynsky
  7. The 80's Needs YOU!

    Would you like to help with Wardrobing, Hair & Make up for our JP II Major Fundraiser and Musical????

    See Mrs. Stynsky ASAP to reserve you people needed!

    Ms. Stynsky
  8. Mission team

    Mission Members:

    Nov 26th - Mission Christmas Party - Sign up by Friday with Mrs. stynsky $20.00 confirms your spot

    Baking Trays - Dont forget your 20 Doz baking tiems/ Sell min. 5 Trays


    Ms. Stynsky
  9. Mission Team Bracelets

    Support Your School Mission Team by purchasing a "Help Build Hope" bracelet at the Pope's Corner......

    $3.00 for a Bracelet and Prayer Card and $5.00 for the Black and white "Hope, Faith & Love"

    Make great Christmas Stocking Stuffers!!!

    Ms. Stynsky
  10. Jostens Ring Order - Round 2

    Jostens will be here during the lunchhour on Wednesday November 26 if you are interested in purchasing a grad ring.  A $60 deposit is required at the time of ordering.  Ring catalogues are currently available at the front office.

    Ms. Fransoo
  11. JPII Reward Program

    The winners of this weeks reward program are Monica Tabbert, Kailyn Anderson-Callbeck and Nigel Lonesinger! Please see Mrs. Smockum for your prize! 

    Mrs. Smockum
  12. Musical Tickets

    Musical Tickets are now on sale in the library!! Please see Mrs. Harty or Mrs. Sansregret in the library for tickets.

    Dec 9th - Dinner Show  cost: $40.00

    Dec 10th - Dinner Show  cost: $40.00

    Dec 11th - Show only  cost: $20.00


    * We will not hold tickets, payment is due when tickets are booked*

    Mrs. Sparrow
  13. House of Commons Page Program

    If you are interested in a paid one year contract to act as an important Parliament Hill member while you study at University, consider applying for this program.  Access for more details and an application form.  Deadline:  December 8, 2014

    Ms. Fransoo
  14. Homework Mr. Fox

    I will be offering a homework and tutor room on Tue and Thur starting Nov 4,2014 from 3:30 to 4:30 for any students to get some extra help. Come see Mr. Fox for details.

    If there is any Gr. 11 and 12 student willing to be tutors come see Mr. Fox for details and will make a small donation of your time. $$$$