1. Braided Journeys

    Just a reminder to staff and students that the Braided Journeys Christmas Dinner is today at 4:00pm in the survery.


    Mr. Fox

  2. Thank you

    A very speacial thank you to all who helped with mass:

    Special thank you to:

    Mr Stynsky's period #1 class for setting up and Mr. Stynsky, Mr. Hansen, Mr. Leoppky. Mr. Yockey, Mrs. Maloney, Mr Huber and janitors as well as Rylie Leoppky, Jared Schmidt and dalton Dumont for taking down.

    Mr. McQuaid, Mr. Chipak & The Music ministry girls - Cassidy Stynsky, Elianna Pyle and Tawnie Kotyk

    The Choral and Band along with Mr. Bourgious


    Mrs. Gately's group of True Colors members

    and all those who helped load Food Hamper boxes.

    Well Done & Merry Christmas!

    Ms. Stynsky
  3. SRC Meeting Thursday at 11:45 Room 213

    Mr. Donahue

  4. Driver's Ed - ****CHANGES****

    All students who will be in Driver's Ed for Semester 2, please note the following changes.

    You will need to pick up a note from the office giving you instructions on what you need to do BEFORE you can obtain your Learners.

    Anyone who is 15 on or before May 20th MUST register at SGI before they can be in the Drivers Ed class.

    Mrs. Toovey

  5. Remember to Click over the holidays!

    I hope lots of us are remembering to click for charity (under student links).  I ask that during the holidays, when the clicks often drop off, that we will continue to give through our clicks ... to the Hunger Site, and through playing FreeRice.  Remember when playing FreeRice, you can sign up and play through the group "JPII Battlefords".   An easy way to give daily!  Merry Christmas!

    Ms. Crozier

    Mural painting THIS Friday from 5:00 - 9:00 pm. Sign up on Mr. Mercer's door.

    Christmas Party and caroling next Tuesday.... sign up on Mr. Mercer's door.

    Mr. Mercer
  7. Homework/Assignments

    Mr. Fox will be keeping his room open after school until the semester is finished, for those students from gr. 8-12 that need to catch up on assignments. It will be open from Monday to Thursday 3:30 - 4:30.

  8. Braided Jouney

    1. Reminder to STUDENTS and STAFF to let Mr. Fox know if you are going to attend the Christmas dinner on December 18, 2014. Students can come see in my room and staff can email me. Let me know by Friday, December 5, 2014.

    Thanks Mr. Fox

  9. Homework Mr. Fox

    I will be offering a homework and tutor room on Tue and Thur starting Nov 4,2014 from 3:30 to 4:30 for any students to get some extra help. Come see Mr. Fox for details.

    If there is any Gr. 11 and 12 student willing to be tutors come see Mr. Fox for details and will make a small donation of your time. $$$$