1. Franco'fun: Let Mme Maloney know by 3:30 today

    It's all about the food, in french!!!  Wednesday at 3:45 in the Home Ec room.

    Mrs. Maloney
  2. Outdoor Pursuits Open to Grade 8-12- Fall Activities - Scuba Diving Course

    Are you in gradee 8-12 and want to try something different......

    The Outdoor Pursuits Club is Offering  a SCUBA DIVING Course -  Intro level for FREE!!! Regularly a $50.00 plus Course

    One Night only  !!!If youa re interested see Mrs. Stynsky to sign up ASAP

    Bring a Friend!!!!

    Date will be choosen by those signed up!


    Ms. Stynsky
  3. Interested in a Trades Career?

    Saskatchewan Youth Apprenticeship offers an amazing opportunity for high school students who are thinking of pursing a career in the trades.  If you join this program, it is a WIN, WIN situation.  For more information on how you can sign up to enjoy the many benefits of SYA, please attend a short meeting Thursday, September 18 at noon in the Guidance Conference Room.

    Ms. Fransoo
  4. Greece 2015 New Incentive Discount

    Attention students interested in travelling to Greece with the Travel Club at Easter 2015.  All travelers who enroll before the end of September will receive a $100 discount on your trip.  See Mrs. Thompson for details on enrollment for this trip.

    Ms. Thompson
  5. Girls Soccer Practice Cancelled

    We have to cancel tomorrow's (Tuesday) practice due to a meeting. Sorry girls!  See you Thursday.

    Ms. Bragnalo
  6. SIAST open houses

    Come, see and investigate (C.S.I.) SIAST Kelsey Campus, Saskatoon and SIAST Wascana Campus, Regina - Wednesday October 22.  Palliser and Woodland campuses provide tours on demand.  Register online at or see guidance for more details.

    Ms. Fransoo
  7. U of S Open House

    The U of S has its Experience Us Open House Friday October 3.  Register online.  See Mrs. Fransoo for more details or if you are need of transportation to the event.

    Ms. Fransoo
  8. Servery Specials

    This week's lunch specials are:

    Monday:  Lasagna

    Tuesday: Chicken Strips & Wedges

    Wednesday: Spaghetti & Meat Sauce

    Thursday: Chicken Fajitas

    Friday: Cheeseburgers

    All specials come with a soup or salad for $4.25 or 

    can be bought separately. We have vegetarian options 

    available, just come down and ask. Veggie burgers 

    and veggie wraps can be made daily if pre ordered.

    Also, come ask us about our pre-payment method!

    Don't forget to pre order your lunch if you have a meeting,

    sports, or drivers ed at noon!

    Ms. Wandler
  9. Meeting for SRC Nipawin Trip

    All students going to Nipawin for Student Leadership Conference this week must come to meeting at 11:45 in Room 213 on Monday

    Mr Donahue


  10. Music Ministry

    Anyone interested in the music ministry program here, come to our first meeting on Tues Sept. 16 2014 in room 212 at 11:50am.

    Mr. McQuaid

    Mr. McQuaid
  11. Music Ministry

    Anyone interested in the music ministry program here, come to our first meeting on Tues Sept. 16, 2014 in room 212 at 11:50am.

    Mr. McQuaid

    Mr. McQuaid
  12. WALK for LIFE

    The annual walk for life will take place Saturday, September 27th. KEY CLUB will be taking registrations in the Commons next week. You will receive 4 hours of Community Service for participating in this event. See posters for details.

  13. Girls Soccer Practice

    There is a girls soccer practice at 4pm at the EMBM field. Please arrive ready to start at 4pm.

    Practices are Tuesday/Thursday after school. Please see Ms. Bragnalo if you cannot attend a practice.

    Ms. Bragnalo
  14. Explanation of Absences and Update of Student Records

    Student absences from school can be explained by calling the Attendance Office directly at 306-446-2304.  This number also has a voice mail feature at which messages may be recorded in the event that we are away from the phone.

    Mr. Rice

  15. SIAST after high school

    It's not too early to apply!  Many programs at SIAST are on a first qualified, first admitted basis.  Apply early to avoid potential waiting lists.

    Ms. Fransoo
  16. Jr. Boys Volleyball Practice

    Jr Boys Volleyball will practice today and Wednesday at 3:30 

    Mr. Puff

    Looking for Alter Servers to help Father Greg this year at school Masses. Please see Mrs. Stynsky asap

    Ms. Stynsky
  18. music ministry

    Music Ministry

    If you are interested in helping with Music ministry this year WE WANT YOU!

    Please see Mr. McQuaid asap.

    Ms. Stynsky
  19. Breakfast Program

    Starting Monday September 8th in the Home Ec Room from 8:15 till 8:45 there will be toast and fruit available for those who need it. Mrs. Smockum will be in there to supervise! 

    Mrs. Smockum
  20. Lunch Program

    JPII has a lunch cards to ensure that all students you need a lunch are able to have a healthy lunch.  The cost of the lunch card is $10.00. You will get a lunch a day for 10 days from the Servery for the $10.00. The lunch includes Sandwich, salad or soup and a chocolate/white milk or juice.You can get more information and your card from either Mrs. Smockum and/or Mrs. Fuhr. 

    Mrs. Smockum
  21. Morning Band Rehearsal Schedule

    Monday: Full Band
    Tuesday: Choir
    Wednesday: Jazz Band
    Thursday: Full Band
    Friday: Choir

  22. Encounters Canada

    Encounters Canada

    Open to Grade 10-12

    Career Consideration Opportunity along with fun and leadership

    Travel to Ottawa for a week and enjoy meeting students from across Canada to engage in Sport and Fitness, Art and Culture, RCMP, Health Sciences, Law, Ecology and more!!!

    If you want to travel this year and do something different see Mrs. Stynsky to pick your week this year!


    Ms. Stynsky
  23. WE DAY

    WE DAY - All grade 8-12 students who have not had the opporutnity to attend We Day previously and would like to:

    See Mrs. Stynsky for an application form

    25 spots availalbe - November 2014

    Application due September 30th

    Ms. Stynsky
  24. Outdoor Pursuits 2014

    Outdoor Pursuits

    Open to grade 8-12

    Are you interested in alternative sports:

    Scuba Diving, Paintball, Snowboarding etc

    See Mrs. Stynsky to sign up

    Ms. Stynsky
  25. Catholic Youth Conference

    We are looking for 10 Students to represent JP II at the Sask Youth Catholic Conference

    Friday, October 24th in Saskatoon

    Open to Grade 8-12

    Please see Mrs. Stynsky to sign up

    It is an awesome opportunity for fun, faith and friendship!!!!


    Ms. Stynsky
  26. Mission Trip to Africa

    February Break 2015- Kenya, Africa

    If you are in grade 8-12 and interested in being part of the team travelling to Kenya, Africa in February 2015

    Please see Mrs. Stynsky asap for details

    The experience will be life changing......

    Ms. Stynsky
  27. Drivers Ed Class

    If there are any students that have forgotten to sign up for Drivers Ed and are 15 years old before May 15, 2015, please sign up at the office as soon as possible. 

    Mrs. Toovey